Lise Bennett

I have had an eclectic journey so far as an artist and maker, in fine art textiles, paint, site specific residencies, theatre set and puppet making, felt, wire and paper sculpture, as well as extensive work as a community artist.

The threads that run through all of my work, are nature, community and narrative. In site specific work, the marks made, and traces left, by humans, animals and plants, and the personal stories of others, feed my making process. I have created work that includes textile art, performance, and other art forms that express the ephemeral nature of life, the power of memories, and kinship.

I am also a holistic practitioner, with a deep respect for medicinal plants and nature. This undoubtedly influences my creativity. My interest in wellbeing has led me to working in the arts in a therapeutic context, supporting those with mental health challenges. I ‘hold’ a nurturing, inspiring space, where others feel comfortable to let their creativity flow.


Tap Dancing Pigeon

Needle felting became a huge venture for me, from 2016 onwards, both in making personal commissions of puppets for authors and theatre, dogs, hares, other animals, and wall art, as well as teaching the technique to many others. My work was exhibited in multiple exhibitions at the Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire, and many wall pieces have sold there and at The Makers in Derbyshire. My workshops in needle felting were so popular and fun, before March 2020, but I also developed an allergy to working with felting wool, so my work is taking a new direction. I have been venturing into working with wire as a ‘thread’ and sculptural material. It can be woven to create structures, and ‘drawn’ with. It also allows for more resilient and maybe outdoor sculptures, which opens up new possibilities, for site and space.

I have also been working with paper, alongside wire, in botanical sculptures. You can read and discover more in the ‘Projects’ section of my website.

Thank You's

Thank you to Beth Fawcett for my profile photography, and the close up wire workshop shots. Beth is a great creative photographer, who captures the spirit of the moment, with particular attention to light. @glastonburybaby

Thanks also to James Davis of Pike and Conker, for his patience and attention to detail whilst creating my logo and website. I love it all.

Also thank you to all of you who have commissioned and supported me, and written such wonderful testimonials.