As a creative practitioner, skilled in facilitating workshops, and helping people to grow in skills and confidence, I have over 20 years of experience in teaching adults and children. I absolutely love it when adult participants come along, who have told me that they aren’t creative, and that they were ‘awful at art at school’, and have been told they are ‘rubbish at art’, yet they allow themselves to play, and relax, and go away feeling proud, with a renewed sense of confidence, and want to do more! I enjoy teaching the skills, but I think for me, whatever the material or technique is, the most important thing is do, is to hold space for exploration and growth.

Tin Can Robots

Tin can robots – This is such a fun workshop, which is about 1.5 hours long, and suitable for children over 7, or children accompanied by adults. We use recycled tin cans, steel wire scourers, bottle tops, metal forks, metal spoons, scraps of faux fur, acrylic paints, sticky coloured electrical tapes and lots of soft, pliable aluminium wire. As you can see from these amazing examples, the children let their creativity run wild!

Teaching children is wonderful, and I love giving them the freedom to make choices in their designs, if I can, to encourage their innate creativity. The rigidity of the art curriculum,seems to be increasing, and I actively encourage children to express themselves, supporting their individual wishes if I can, and inspiring them to think out of the box.

puppet theatre

Puppet Theatre Making

As a puppet maker I love running any workshops that involve making characters. This particular workshop uses clothes pegs to create talking characters.

It is simple, using papers, card, paints, cardboard boxes, and some crazy storytelling! Narrative is a huge part of this workshop, and I love to see the children creating their own.

Shadow Puppetry

As part of Angel Heart Theatre’s shows involved shadow puppetry scenes, I was undoubtably influenced by this magical process. It captivates children.

One of the things I love the most is how the less confident children can really blossom, because they are performing behind a screen. There is a role for all the children in these workshops, from director, narrator, lighting, puppet creator, puppeteer, and it’s the perfect team building creative activity, which can easily be filmed.

Storytelling and writing feature highly in this workshop, and fun, lots of fun. Children get to explore and play with how the shadows get bigger or change shape with distance and light, and the way shadow puppetry plays with transparency, opacity, light and dark. Its truly a magical experience!

I prefer to make these workshops whole day events, or two half day events.

Shadow puppets

Wire Wreath Making

This is a 4-5 hour adult workshop, using ready made wire hoops for bigger wreaths, or you can make multiple smaller wreaths using wire for an organic look. I love working with black iron wire, for its strong ‘drawn’ line quality. It shapes well, and looks striking against a pale wall or surface.

I teach you how to create your own 3D ‘wire drawings’of flowers, especially wild flowers and seed heads, and to arrange them in a way that shows them off to their best potential. Plenty of imagery will be available, and a relaxed environment. The ability to use pliers and wire cutting tools is essential, for safety. A beautiful relaxing workshop, which creates a dramatic effect.

Wire Posy

This is such a lovely workshop. You can make as many wildflowers and cultivated flowers as you would like to, with assistance and imagery galore! They could be made as gifts to give, wedding table decorations, housed in a white box frame, or the uses are endless! Cost depends on the length of the workshop, so please enquire